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Greetings, Friends, On the Republican Candidates

Greetings, friends! May I address
A selection process that’s a mess,
And the candidates involved
Who pledge to get our problems solved?

They’re from the right, that’s very clear.
That’s why their stock in trade is fear.
They talk about the deficit,
But don’t say they created it.

They all say taxes are just bad,
Don’t take from rich folks what they’ve had.
Just starve the poor and middle-class.
Who cares if the wealth gap is so vast?

Let’s start with Mitt, the man of Romney, Read More 
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Dachshunds Occupy Wall Street

I love New York. A weekend ago, on October 1, I walked through Washington Square Park and encountered a bunch of people with dachshunds. This weekend the park was full of Occupy Wall Street protesters who had moved uptown for the day, probably to let their bedding air out. Only in New York will you find events focusing on low-slung sausage dogs and high-flung profit hogs taking place in the identical place a week apart. Read More 
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